Just Because

The Wanderers are a North West trio composed of three distinguished musicians: Chris Nelson, Pete Rimmer and Colin Maddocks. Chris and Pete are residents of the Bothy Folk Song Club, Southport and I know them to be accomplished performers. The Wanderers have released their first 5-track EP, titled “Just Because”. Their website proudly declares that they play “Americana, Folk, Acoustic and much more” and this CD fulfils that promise admirably, taking us on a musical journey through all three styles in five tracks.

“Cotton Mill Girls”, is a traditional Appalachian song, discovered by US singer Hedy West. The Wanderers give us a rousing version of the song that will undoubtedly be an audience participation song at live gigs by join- ing in the chorus.

“Suffer a Fool” revisits the familiar heartache theme of Americana ballads. The Wanderers first heard it performed by Nashville artists Eric Brace and the late Peter Cooper, who co-wrote the song. Peter recently passed away and this version of his and Eric’s song is a fine salute to Peter’s memory.

No journey through US folk music would be complete without a song by Woody Guthrie. The Wanderers do not let us down, and sing a catchy version of “Hard Travellin’”. I found myself singing the song walking down the street today, which is a tribute to the Wanderers’ performance. Woody himself said the song was about “the hard travelling of the working people” – which makes it a song for our times.

“Busker” was written by Pete Rimmer. I write lyrics myself and am impressed by this critical, but sympathetic assessment of a busker’s life. “All I want is your money, I’ll be there another day”... ”You think that it’s romantic, no, it’s just a pain”. This recently written track fits in well on the musical journey. Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie were buskers at one time; Pete’s song honours the tradition.

“Just Because”, the title track, is a jaunty goodbye honey song, with the add-on of “Sugar Tree Stomp”, The latter is a lively instrumental performed excellently by Chris Nelson on the fiddle. No-one does it like you, Chris.

Lovers of “Americana, Folk, Acoustic and much more “ will enjoy this album. It can be bought at:
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THE WANDERERS - Just Because

Just Because

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