Album #1

Mail train are a new band for me. The band on the cd consists of:
Pete Moore lead and harmony vocals, Acoustic guitar.
Jan Hough Lead and harmony vocals, Bodhran, Mandolin, Percussion.
Terry Bailey Banjo, Acoustic guitar, Supplementary vocals.
Frank J Moore Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar, Oboe, Piano, Harmony vocals

The album starts with the only song on the album not written by a band member, a trad song recorded by numerous artists Nine Hundred Miles. A tune delivered well with Pete on vocals and some lovely harmonies. I think I have the woody Guthrie version tucked away in my collection.

Sing Me lyrics remind me of how many times after a night out this was just how it felt, Well sung by Jan who gives this the right feel for the song.

Sorrow Tree and Can’t get no peace have a spiritual vibe for me. I think sorrow tree will be a club favourite. There is a sorrowful edge to the vocals with great harmony from Jan and some lovely Banjo to add to the atmosphere.

Can’t get no peace is more upbeat.

Dance the Night beautifully sung by Jan is for me reminiscing of an old English folk song with a great chorus which I can see will also be picked up by audiences.

Just love story songs and Travelling man delivers to all of you who have experienced the wanderlust. Some good times, some bad.

Pete provides the empathetic vocals an this tune with excellent banjo and harmonies by the band.

Cinder Path is a lovely little song. We really should try to pull down the moon.

Drink in the water is a little bit darker than the other tracks with a nice subtle effect on banjo and choral harmonies adding to the overall effect.

Jan on vocals with Peter on Harmonies give this a lovely sound, and what a terrific little song with another great chorus just ready for joining in. Well sung and nicely played. Like this track a lot.

Take it Easy is another of my favourite songs on this album an easy going flowing tune that I’m sure will be copied once it becomes more well known. Take it easy so easy with you just slips a long beautifully. No eagles were harmed listening to the song.

The island. Beautiful atmospheric ballad with lovely harmonies. Is this a song for our times on Climate change?

Hold me now is a lovely song that I'm sure will be covered by others. Once again a chorus that will appeal to people every where.

Stick a banjo in a band and they are generally classed as Bluegrass/ Americana. Not so Mail Train. They cross over so many musical boundaries that it is very difficult to classify their slot in the musical genres. I thought this was a very good album well worth you time. Give it a listen. You will be pleasantly surprises and may find some new songs for you repertoire.

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Album #1

Album #1