SoundBox Acoustic & Roots


Ad Hoc Fridays from 7.30pm

SoundBox is a not-for-profit curator and promoter of music events in and around Chester, UK.

Club Location: Various locations in Chester

Club Residents:

Organiser: Rose Price 01244 342468

Upcoming Dates

March - 15th Reg Meuross (St Mary's Handbridge Centre, CH4 7HL)
March - 24th Sunday afternoon SoundBox: Jim Causley
April - 12th - Old Spot (Rowan Piggott & Joe Danks)
April - 25th - Joe Topping (support: Jackson Williams; John Warburton)
April - 26th - Tim Edey (first-half support: Dan Walsh)
April - 27th - Nancy Kerr & James Fagan
May - 18th - SoundBox Music Aid (fundraiser for The Trussell Trust, at St Mary's Handbridge Centre, CH4 7HL)
May - 31st - Mishra (trio)
June - 7th - Visions of Albion
June - 18th - The Jake Blount Trio
July - 6th - Ben Walker & Kirsty Merryn
July - 19th - Igloo Hearts (support: Owen Chamberlain)
September - 27th - Vera van Heeringen & Brooks Williams
October - 11th - Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
October - 19th - The Wilderness Yet