I See the World

The first thing to say about this album is there has been quite a change in the line up, there are three new members, Norman Willmore, Stu Brown and Innes Watson and this album is the integration of the new band and what an integration it is.

There are ten tracks in all starting with “The Jesster” which is a real mover and shaker written by Ross for his niece, this track gives you the feel for the rest of the album and lets you know what’s to come or does it?

Track two is “The Humours of Ardnamurchan” which has previously been released on a live album. Ardnamurchan is the most westerly point on the British mainland and this track was written when the band spent time there writing a past album. This track also includes contributions from special guests Heather MacLeod and Gina Rae from the Bevvy Sisters.

Next is “I Haven’t Smoked For Days” written again by Ross in frustration at a failed attempt to give up the habit but sometimes success can come from a defeat at something else and this track proves the point, what a lovely tune.

Track four “Darcy’s” is as the title suggests, written for a close friend named Darcy, a special friend and now a special dance tune, you can’t fail to want to dance to this fabulous tune.

Next up is “The Sister of Moses”, a first from the Peatbog Faeries but what a song, words very deep and meaningful talking of the troubles in the world today and the effects on society with vocalists the “Bevvy Sisters”. A little more love in the world would help maybe.

“Innes Drinks the Bru” tells of Peter and Ross’s love for my favourite drink and also one of the best morning after drinks, good old Irn Bru.

“Ann Robertson’s Kitchen” was written with true Shetland hospitality in mind. A great tune with varying rhythms and great fiddle pieces leading to a lively dance mood.

“Ortigueira” is a beautiful town in Galicia which holds a music festival that the band have played at a couple of times, well deserving of a place on this album.

“The Poozies’ Visit to Carbost”, after copious amounts of alcohol and music, this is a combination of tunes and songs when the Poozies visited a drinking hole favoured by the Peatbog Faeries and this is the outcome.

Lastly, “Clunie Road/The Winning Bid” just makes you want to get up and dance, the second part was played to help Glasgow win their bid to host the Commonwealth Games back in 2014 – what an honour to be asked.

Over all I found this album thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting, I feel that the band have grown somewhat with the new additions, a bit of a change to the listening experience, I would highly recommend it.

CD and download available from Bandcamp