Nick Marshall

Nick is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. He presents some interesting material on a variety of subjects.

In performance he has a calm stage presence and a delivery which displays a self-deprecating manner. This, combined with a wit and a knowledgeable grasp of a wide range of subjects, makes Nick’s content entertaining as well as informative.

Nick has been playing and writing for more years than he would care to remember. He has played in various bands over the years where he has contributed much in terms of writing, arranging and playing. In more recent times he has been playing solo gigs presenting his own material. He has also recorded two CDs in the last few years and is soon to release a third. They have been well received by a wide range of people for the quality of the song writing, which covers a range of topics and styles. The arrangements and production have also been complemented. Nick has been supported in this by various musicians and collaborators, notably Sean Marshall on drums who has also helped greatly with many of the arrangements; Chris Hunter on bass and vocals has also helped with some arrangements and been a very helpful and supportive critical friend. Desmond James (drums), Sara Moss (vocals) and Rosie Hunter (vocals) have also made important contributions.