Warrington Folk Song Club

The Bull's Head, Warrington

Sundays from 8.30pm

This is on almost every Sunday night from 20.30 until 23.00.

It is NOT a folk club, as we have a wide variety of musical tastes, but there is, obviously, quite a lot of what people think of as folk music played and sung.

Generally, it is £1 to join in, whether you are a performer or just an enthusiastic listener. At a few times through the year, we invite "guest" performers and pay them! This means that we have to charge for entry - usually around £6 per head. This is peanuts for hearing and meeting some of the nationally famous performers who have been with us - and international in some cases.

Everyone is welcome to sing along with the regulars or enjoy the music as audience. We start at 8pm usually in the back room where we enjoy the amazing acoustics! Please come and join the organiser and founder of Cheshire Folk, Liz Rosenfield, with club regulars, husband Sean Boyle, along with another member of our band Bitter and Twisted, (because quite frankly we are) much-esteemed singer and guitarist David Giles.

A "normal" night consists of everyone in attendance being invited to sing, play, recite, juggle or whatever for about five minutes at a time until all have had a turn who want to, then it starts again if time is left.

Club Location: The Bull's Head, Church Street, Warrington WA1 2SX

Club Residents: Geoff Bibby

Organiser: Geoff Bibby - 01925 812725

Upcoming Dates

Sunday 28th April Peter and Barbara Snape
Sunday 9th June Fay Hield
Sunday 4th August Nick Dow
Sunday 1st September Caffrey McGurk Madge
Sunday 27th October Three Legg’d Mare
Sunday 8th December Becky Taylor & Sam Lawrence
Sunday 2nd March Pete Coe (at last)
Sunday 27th April Karen Pfeiffer and Paul Walker