Skipton Folk Unplugged

The Narrow Boat, Skipton

Monday (weekly) from 8.30pm

Club nights are split approximately 50/50 between guests and singers. Organisers Sheila Kelsall and Alan Wilkinson do not normally sing, but can be persuaded occasionally on a singers' night, so there is a rota of club residents / regulars to host the evening.

The great variety of residents gives us one of our strengths in that each evening is different as they put their particular stamp on it.

We never close, even in August, and are always pleased to welcome visitors to Skipton, to play, sing, recite, or just listen to good music in what we feel is one of the best venues in the country.

The first question people often ask is "Skipton - but that's in Yorkshire, so what's it doing in the North West Federation of Folk Clubs?"

Yes, it is in Yorkshire, but quite close to the border, even to the pre-1974 Lancashire boundary, and quite a few of us regulars either live in Lancashire or are ex-pat Lancastrians. Whatever, it's nearer to Blackpool than to Scarborough, so as far as we're concerned that's the North West!

Club Location: The Narrow Boat, 38 Victoria Street, Skipton BD23 1JE

Club Residents: Kelly Arkell, Chris Emmett, Paul Reade, Kath Reade, Sam Bishop, Stephanie Emmett and Ellie Owen

Organiser: Sheila Kelsall - 01535 665889