Room at the Top Folk Club

The Red Lion, Newburgh

Monday (weekly) from 8.15pm

We are a 'singers night' club apart from a guest every 12-18 months as a treat.

The club philosophy is "Anything Goes!"... basically come in and do what you want (within reason!) - songs of any kind, poems, monologues, readings from Shakespeare, etc.

Format of the evening is 2 songs per person in the first half and either 1 or 2 songs in the second half depending on the number of singers in.

The break gives enough time to get a pint and have a chat but we finish at 11:00pm come what may.

Anybody coming for the first time gets in free but still gets a raffle ticket. We introduce them to the rest of the club so they don't sit there not knowing anybody, everyone else pays a pound and gets a raffle ticket for nowt. Raffle prize is a bottle of wine and if 16 or more are in then a box of chocolates is also on offer.

Over the year we will have a subsidised night out for Christmas (usually taking place in January), then at Easter everybody gets an Easter Egg, and in Summer we have a club barbecue. All of the costs are borne out of club funds.

Club Location: The Red Lion, 9 Ash Brow, Newburgh WN8 7NF

Club Residents: Mark Dowding and others

Organiser: Mark Dowding - 01257 464215