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Footprints In The Sand
Continental songs steal softly into my ear,
Continental glow I feel and mountains see so clear,
We pass a reservoir where the palm-trees stand,
We walk long, we walk far, we leave footprints in the sand.

Have six hours gone by since we heard the ocean roar?
When the sun soared high and the waves all came ashore.
You said “let’s not go home like we planned,
On and on let’s roam and leave footprints in the sand”.

The long treks never end or so it seems to me,
We watch the sun descend and study its beauty,
Midnight meets the dawn as the days expand,
No fierce wind or storm only footprints in the sand.

Into the skies I see a homeward plane climb,
England for you and me was in another lifetime.

Now the air is calm and clean and the evening is still,
The first stars can be seen so vivid and tranquil,
I shall pluck from your hair a single strand
And make you aware of your footprints in the sand.

Accordions shall later play music that’s yours and mine,
We’ll waltz the night away, we’ll sip sweet foreign wine,
Moonlight shall illuminate your face so tanned,
Moonlight shall illuminate your footprints in the sand.