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Vision Thing

Vision Thing


Pete Cunliffe
Vocals and acoustic guitar - A prolific songwriter, Pete appears regularly at folk nights, acoustic sessions and festivals, and is a regular performer at, and supporter of, The Old Courts Arts venue in Wigan

Cherlene Walmsley
Vocals - A popular member of Coppull Folk Club, Cherlene has a powerful and distinctive voice, with an extensive knowledge of traditional and contemporary songs, she sings both accompanied and acapella.

Paul Cunliffe
Ukelele bass and electric bass - Paul is a veteran of many bands, some of which have been firmly in the rock area, before settling on his preferred style of acoustic folk with Vision Thing. An accomplished music engineer, he has produced albums for his own bands and others at his studio in Southport.

David Windsor
Violin - David plays a 100 year old violin through a variety of effects producing "a tone and texture to die for"
Ian Cripps, FATEA magazine February 2017

Jon Ormrod
Percussion - Jon adds the beat on djembe and cahon percussion, making for a portable and effective rhythm unit. He is the irrepressible youngster of the band

Style of performance:

"Vision Thing", a five-piece hailing from the North West, produce the most incredibly harmonious and beautiful music, simultaneously lowering the heartbeat yet stimulating lyrically
Ian Cripps, FATEA magazine February 2017


The band play contemporary and traditional songs alongside their own compositions.

Included among the songs will be found:
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Fairport Convention), The Man In The Long Black Coat (Bob Dylan), The Auld Triangle (Brendan Beehan), The Hanging Tree (James Newton Howard, The Hunger Games)


New album - "Lights"
(see the website for more details)




Peter Cunliffe - 01942 271941 / 07806 727912


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Vision Thing are looking to play folk clubs, acoustic clubs, charity shows, festivals.
We love to play and will be happy to play a guest or floor spot if required.


Last updated 23 February 2017

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