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Tom Doughty

Tom Doughty

Style of performance:

His influences include Charlie Patton, the Rev. Gary Davis and Big Bill Broonzy.


Whilst Tom's music is rooted in the blues tradition, he has an eclectic repertoire embracing folk and jazz; he loves to improvise.


The Bell is a new experience in slide guitar music, and is available through Tom's website.

A second CD is in preparation...




Brenda Yates, Bright Phoebe Music - 01565 733197


Web Presence:


Other Information:

He specialises in acoustic lap slide guitar, accompanied by a unique vocal style, playing National Tricone and wooden-bodied Dobro-type resophonic instruments, also 6 and 12 string guitars.

Tom, who lives in Cheshire, has toured with Woody Mann, has supported Bob Brozman and Lindisfarne, and has played on the same bill as John Renbourn, John Cephas, Clive Carrol, and Howard Emmerson.

Last updated 24-06-2012

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