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Sam Dunkley

Sam Dunkley

Style of performance:

Traditional, acoustic, pop - Sam was told by a folk club organiser that if he called himself a folk singer no one would come!


With the above coverall he jumps from traditional and contemporary folk songs to rearranged pop songs and music hall classics as well as performing his own songs with guitar, keyboard, percussion or a capella.


Stepping Stone (2006) Mulgrave Tree Songs (2005)


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


01484 314512
07971 199674


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Sam Dunkley is the dynamic new talent emerging in the world of folk music creating his own unique blend of traditional acoustic pop.

In his twenties, he already has a vast amount of performance experience. He has spent the last few years finding a style and repertoire that appeal to traditional "folkies" whilst interesting a whole new generation.

Sam sings about real stories, real emotions, real people. He tries to make a real connection with his audience so that they actually listen to the songs, rather than just hearing them.

Sam has performed floor spots around the country and support sets for artists including Ric Saunders, Steve Tilston and Harvey Andrews at folk clubs including The Red Lion, Birmingham and The Grove, Leeds.

After seeing Sam perform, veteran Brummie folk legend, Harvey Andrews, said, "Sam Dunkley gets to the heart of the songs he sings - so will you."


Last updated 25-06-2012

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