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Rob Malaney

Rob Malaney

Style of performance:

Rob is a fine singer and concertina player.


Rob has an extensive repertoire of self-penned and traditional songs.


"The Garden"
"The Ones Who Have Gone"
More details of these recordings are on Rob's website




07855 925724


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Rob has been involved with music since his early teenage years, when skiffle was the rage. In the 60s Rob played in coffee bars and youth clubs around Preston, Leyland and Chorley, performing his own compositions.

By the mid 80s Rob had built up a reputation at local folk clubs and sessions for his self-penned and traditional songs. It was during this period that he teamed up with Nick Caffrey and George Critchley to form the well-known trio "Th'Antique Roadshow", who built up an excellent reputation at folk clubs and festivals over 20 years before deciding by mutual agreement to go their separate ways in November 2006.


Last updated 25-06-2012

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