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The RagTag Band

The RagTag Band


Glynne Davies: Vocals, Guitar, Octave Mandolin
Zeb Davies: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Phill Pearson: Vocals, Guitars, Banjo
Kelvin Leathem: Accordion, Harmonica, Fiddle, Whistle

Style of performance:

Voice amplification, full amplification or no amplification


Folk, Country, Blues, Pops and a little Spanish all performed on acoustic instruments, we like to involve the audience with percussion.
Please see our website for sounds and video. Or FB RagTag


RagTag live CD (2012) a recording of an acoustic set.


Stockport and Macclesfield


Glynne Davies 0161 355 3052


Web Presence:


Other Information:

RagTag formed for a charity gig, the four members were already familiar with each others' styles as we had played together in local sessions.
We are the resident band at the Wednesday night Snow Goose Live Acoustic Club, Macclesfield.


Last updated 21-11-2012

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