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Phil Drane

Phil Drane

Style of performance:

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist


Phil is an accomplished singer, guitarist and songwriter who performs traditional and contemporary songs from his own Lancashire and English folk culture to his own arrangements. His repertoire enables him to accommodate 2 x 45 min spots easily.


Phil's current album The Englisc Lament was released in August 2011 and, like the previous two (Full Circle and Two Ravens), it comprises no-frills, mainly English traditional / contemporary folk-roots with a couple of excellent self-penned tracks including the title track which is a brilliant protest song in the true Phil Ochs tradition.

The award-winning Song For Jackie is featured on the Two Ravens album.

All CDs and Downloads can be purchased from www.phildrane.com


Phil spends 7 months of the year in the UK,
and the other 5 months in New Zealand


07824 489589
07990 694477


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Phil is a Lancashire lad "down to 'is booits", and performed around folk clubs in the North of England during the late 60s and early 70s, including " The Guild" (MSG) in Manchester before he buggered off overseas for some time.

Having spent many years in music exile he returned to folk music in 2008 and now spends 7 months of the year in the UK and 5 months in New Zealand. Since his return to the folk scene, he has been making a name for himself around festivals and clubs in England, Scotland and New Zealand. Details of his tour dates can be found on his website

Last updated 23-06-2012

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