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The Old Pequliar Band

The Old Pequliar Band

Style of performance:

Electric ceilidh band led by melodeon. We are a band that specialises in fun events such as birthday parties, anniversaries. We have our own Bose based PA System so quality of sound is assured. We work with the best dance callers from the region including Roger Downing, Neil Graham and Alison Cook.


We play traditional dance tunes from England, Scotland, Ireland and America led by melodeon and electric guitar, backed by bass and drums. We may even play some guitar hits from the 50's and 60's.




We work anywhere in Lancashire and the North West.


07774 706867


Web Presence:


Other Information:

We play hard! If it's a hot, sweaty, noisy and fun time that you'll remember for ages, call us. If you want a twee fiddle, guitar and tin whistle set up, then call someone else. If you want a really cheap band then book one and spend weeks with your fingers crossed in the hope they actually turn up!


Last updated 02-11-2015

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