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The Moonbeams

The Moonbeams


Jon Avison: Guitar, harmonica and vocals
Jen Haines: Viola
Ben Avison: Mandolin, Accordion, banjo and vocals
Mark Fletcher: Whistles and percussion
Luke Yates: Double Bass

Style of performance:

The Moonbeams are a contemporary folk band from the Yorkshire Dales


Original music rooted in the environment and culture of the Dales.

Jon Avison, the main songwriter of the band, spent many years working as a National Park Ranger in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and many of his songs and stories reflects his experiences of living and working in the Dales.


"Sparrowhawk's Eye" - 2012

"Watching Wildlife" - 2015


The Yorkshire Dales



Web Presence:


Other Information:

Our 2015 album "Watching Wildlife" received many positive press and radio reviews including Q magazine, positive support from Mike Harding and was included in the Daily Telegraph 100 top folk albums of 2015.

Our YouTube video of "Coming Home" can be viewed here, and more Moonbeams' music can be found on Bandcamp

"Sparrowhawk's Eye" and "Watching Wildlife" are available on Spotify, Deezer etc

Last updated 21-12-2015

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