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Costumed Medieval Minstrels


Marilyn Farrington (musical director), lute, voice, psaltery, hammered dulcimer, harp, bagpipes, recorders;
Elizabeth Taylor, recorders, voice;
Lucille Brain, vielle, harp, voice, hurdy gurdy, percussion;
Elizabeth Farrington, recorders, bagpipes, voice;
Tom Goodale, storyteller, harp, rebec, recorders, voice;
Peter Farrington: voice, lute, percussion

Style of performance:

Maranella is a costumed medieval minstrel band playing for medieval themed weddings, banquets and parties. We dress in authentic medieval costume and play period instruments including lute, harp and recorders. We sing both a capella (unaccompanied) and songs accompanied by lute, harp and other instruments.


We play and sing music from 1200 up to around 1500.


None so far, some amateur videos may be found on YouTube.


Chester, but will travel within a 50 mile radius.


07838 725977 (mobile)


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Have our own display dancers who are happy to demonstrate and lead dances at a 'medieval ceilidh'

Last updated 21-11-2015

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