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Madden's No. 1 Barn Dance Band

Madden's No. 1 Barn Dance Band


Jeff Warwick on melodeon and fiddle

Jamie Williams on electric guitar

Andy Warwick on bass guitar

Warren Digney on drums and percussion.

Style of performance:

Melodeon/Fiddle led Barn Dance music with electric guitar, bass and drums. Perfect for beginners and wedding parties. See the website for short video.


Mainly English polkas, jigs and reels. Very lively dance music - not for the feint hearted!


(watch this space!)


Lancashire, Cheshire, Lakes.


01772 434461

07774 706867 (mobile)


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Very lively band led by Jeff Warwick, ex lead musician from The Old Pequliar Band. Jeff has over 33 years' experience in playing for dances. With Maddens, he's teamed up with jazz guitarist, Jamie Williams, son Andy on bass, and superb drummer, Warren Digney.

Prefer working with complete beginners or wedding parties.

Callers available include: Roger Downing, Sid Calderbank, Derek Atkinson and Bernie Forkin.

Last updated 21-07-2012

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