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Lotzie Weaver

Lotzie Weaver

Style of performance:

My influences are John Cooper Clarke, Jilted John, John Otway, Nick Drake, The Specials, Kate Bush and for sheer enthusiasm Dean Johnson.

I've been told that my material is like John Cooper Clarke, Roy Harper, Loudon Wainwright, Mike Hart, Bob Dylan and I was once asked if I was Jegsy Dodd!.


I have a repetoire of about 30 of my own songs that I'm happy with and I have many more in the pipeline. I also do the occasional cover song. I am therefore able to do two 45 minute sets.


I have two albums on itunes and I also have a myspace page where you can hear 10 of my songs.


Wirral, Cheshire



Web Presence:


Other Information:

I put my songs into five categories:
Topical songs, Comical songs, Loving songs, Protesting songs and Politically incorrect songs.

The aim of my songs is to entertain people, make them laugh and also make them think about things.


Last updated 23-06-2012

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