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Julie Ellison

Julie Ellison

Style of performance:

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist


Her predominantly claw hammer-based guitar style draws from a wide range of influences, such as ragtime, rock, country blues, jazz, classical and folk, to create an eclectic mix of original songs and guitar tunes.


Her debut solo CD "At Last", described by Lester Simpson as "a superbly produced album", marries 3 tracks recorded at Acoustyistics with 9 tracks recorded at Badge Studios by Keith Angel, an engineer and musician well known for his work with the Angel Brothers, Bill Jones, John Tams and Kate Rusby.

More details at www.julieellison.co.uk


Winterton, North Lincolnshire


01724 735349


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Described by Ralph McTell as "a terrific guitarist who also writes great songs", Julie has built a reputation as an excellent acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter thanks to an extensive tour schedule in the UK and widespread radio airplay across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

"Fans of anyone from Bert Jansch to Joni Mitchell will find shades of what they like here. The swift tight fingerpicking that entwines with the dark tones and emotional edge of her voice invite comparisons like these, but it seems unfair when you think what other special and highly individual qualities are at work here"
("Play" Magazine)


Last updated 15-06-2012

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