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Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers Ceilidh Band

Frolicking Pete
and the
Fumbling Fingers Ceilidh Band


Pete Crewe
Caller and multi-instrumentalist (when he gets the time!), and also calls freelance.
Explains all the dances, calls them through if necessary and MCs the evening if you wish.

Gin Crewe
Anglo concertina, guitar, bouzouki, harmonium.

John Hallows
Guitar, Bass

Chris Hunwick
Fiddle, mandolin, and piano. Reduces the average age of the band by 12 years!

Frank Wood
Harp, Guitar

Pete Robinson

Style of performance:

The band plays for ceilidhs and barn dances all over the north of England , from Trawden, to Scarborough, Catterick to Newcastle, Leeds... and even Barnoldswick! Song spots and step clog dances are also available.


The dances...
mostly English or Scottish, suitable for beginners or advanced dancers, are FUN!

The tunes...
are also mostly English, Scottish or American (just a few!) are LIVELY!




Burnley and Nelson, Lancashire


01282 698455


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers Ceilidh Band (sorry about the name...it seemed a good idea at the time!) have provided live music and a caller for barn dances/ceilidhs for over 20 years, to celebrate ... PTA events, weddings, family parties from christenings to ninetieth birthday parties, reunions, annual dinners, works "do's", church festivities

The band is affiliated to the EFDSS and consists of guitarist, melodeon player and anglo concertina player, with fiddler as well usually, and other instruments occasionally (bass, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonium, bodhran, whistles etc!).

Fee negotiable depending on distance, time etc.


Last updated 23-06-2012

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