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Dylan Owen

Dylan Owen
The Bard of Oswaldtwistle

Style of performance:

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist


Dylan's forte is in his humour and originality, his funny material ranges from a battle of two barbers in his set "Show Down on Shed Street" to the wild antics of his Ventolin inhaler in "Whiffer in my pocket" - not forgetting the title track of his most recent CD - "Battle of the Biscuits"!


Battle of the Biscuits (2012)

Demo CD available on request

Load o'Mischief (Solo)
Show Down on Shed Street (Solo)
Strings on fire (Solo instrumentals)
Mud on the Tracks (Moorland Folk)
Counting the Bars   (Moorland Folk)


Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire


01254 390391
07770 688417


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Original, satirical, plain stupid... but clever... so they say!

"He ploughs a furrow of individual quirkiness..."
(Willy Russell)

"Congratulations. A really good guitar sound, lovely and interesting instrumentals that are very well played..."
(Stefan Grossman)

His material has been broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside, Radio Lancashire, Radio Birmingham, and has guested on "Sounds of Folk" on Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm.

He has performed at many different venues and festivals.

One of the key residents at the Oswaldtwistle Acoustic club, Dylan performs as a solo artist as well as being a member of the well established East Lancashire band, Moorland Folk.


Last updated 23-06-2012

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