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Chris and Siobhan Nelson

Chris & Siobhan Nelson



Style of performance:

Traditional and contemporary songs, accompanied on fiddle viola, tenor guitar or octave mandola, or sung a capella.


Chris and Siobhan have a varied and constantly expanding repertoire, drawn from a wide range of sources; it ranges from English traditional ballads to American old-timey songs to contemporary songs - by writers both well-known and not so well-known!


Early Birds (2010)
Day has Dawned (2006)
Tomorrow's Sun (2004)
These CDs are available directly from Chris and Siobhan, or they can be ordered online. They are also available in downloadable form, see www.chrisandsiobhan.co.uk for details.


Southport, Merseyside


01704 220090


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Chris and Siobhan are resident singers at the Bothy folk club in Southport. Previously based in Southampton they have been performing music together for around 20 years and they have been members of several bands during that time including The Cluster of Nuts Band and The New St George

As a duo they are equally at home in an intimate acoustic setting or on the 'big stage'.

Chris and Siobhan were long-time members of Loose Screws Appalachian Dancers and String Band, along with Southampton-based Barry Wake who writes some of the songs in their repertoire, and with whom they perform occasionally as the trio Nelsons Wake.

Chris is also currently a member of the Liverpool bluegrass band The Merseybillies

Demo CD available on request, photos, music clips and more information can be found on Chris and Siobhan's website.

"Siobhan has a superb voice and whilst capable of delivering a tender traditional styled ballad, she also has the power to lift the roof if required... Chris's violin and viola playing is a rare treat" (Woven Wheat Whispers)

"Spine tingling vocals... complemented by sensitive fiddle" (Folk on Tap).


Last updated 15-06-2012

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