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Chris Milner

Chris Milner

Style of performance:

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist




Four Fields Meet (2009) features Amanda Thompson (flute), Matt Crum (sax), Rebekah Findlay (fiddle) and Becca Milner (backing vocal).
The title track was inspired by the work of Filey-based artist Jane Poulton.

Clear Thinking From The North (2005)

Buried Treasure (2000)

The Rubicon (1997)





Web Presence:


Other Information:

Singer/songwriter Chris Milner was born and raised in the West Riding of Yorkshire and spent most of his adolescent days playing in folk clubs and festivals as a 'floor singer' support act, or sometimes as a booked guest, in and around Yorkshire and Teesside.

By the mid eighties he was performing in venues as diverse as Folk Clubs, bars, churches, theatres, festivals and arts centres all over the UK.

In 1996 after a period of quiet retreat in order to concentrate on full-time job and family, he delighted many by returning to music and writing.

This time he became increasingly called upon to play to a wider audience outside the folk scene', and this has taken him to Ireland, Finland and USA.

Chris Milner also enjoys regular air-play.


Last updated 15-06-2012

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