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Peter Crewe, Virginia Crewe, Robin Jones and Phil Waterworth

Style of performance:

A-capella and accompanied harmony group


We love singing harmony and although when we started we sang chiefly traditional songs, the repertoire has moved on to more unusual versions.

Our sources include an extensive library of rather tatty music, including copies of the Hammond and Gardner books and a selection of very old school folk music books. Many of our songs are arranged by ourselves; once we have found a song we like or fits in with the themes we are pursuing we sing it until we have stopped fighting about who sings which notes!

We enjoy any excuse for singing. We try to make our music varied, with different harmonic approaches and best of all is when people join in adding new notes and strengthening the harmonies.

We sing mostly traditional unaccompanied harmony songs with a sprinkling of dance tunes and accompanied songs.

We all sang or played in other groups previously and so have a wealth of professional singing experience in clubs, festivals and broadcasts spanning many more years than we care to remember!


Lancashire (and Warwickshire!)




Web Presence:

brillig.eu  &  Facebook

Other Information:


Last updated 23-06-2012

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