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Bill Adair

Bill Adair

Style of performance:

Male vocal and guitarist


Traditional songs combined with original material.

As well as being a fine guitar player, Bill Adair is one of Scotland's busiest and most respected singer/songwriters.

Combining influences from folk and blues, Bill's music addresses universal themes of love, work, loss and redemption. Equally at home singing a traditional Scottish ballad, blues from the Mississippi Delta, or one of his own songs, Bill's performances are complemented by a natural story-telling style that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

From his home base near Glasgow, Bill is much in demand at festivals and folk clubs all over the UK, and also has a reputation as an interpreter of the poems and songs of Robert Burns and performs at Burns Suppers throughout the country.


Along The Miners' Rows (2008)

Dusty Boots On A Gravel Road (2010)

The Story So Far 2011

In September 2008 Bill released Along The Miners' Rows. The CD was specially commissioned, written and recorded to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Auchengeich mining disaster, and features a range of songs written by Bill including "Along The Miners' Rows" and "The Day That All The Lights Went Out".

April 2010 saw the release of Bill's second album, Dusty Boots on a Gravel Road, which contains both new songs by Bill and some fresh interpretations of works by Robert Burns, Ewan MacColl, Billy Edd Wheeler and Robin Laing.




01236 727908

07913 901835


Web Presence:


Other Information:

"These affecting songs summon up and celebrate the rich cultural history of central Scotland's now-vanished mining communities." The Sunday Herald

"A phenomenally powerful songwriter." Folk Roundabout

"He writes from the heart of the tradition." Almond Valley Folk Club

"A fine, mellow voice with a superb selection of songs." Partick Folk Festival

"Unmissable!" Edinburgh Festival Fringe

"Along The Miners' Rows is an amazing song cycle... a superb singer and guitar player" Kirkby Fleetham Folk Club

"Along The Miners' Rows is a superb recreation of the pride, struggle, danger, fear and regret that many such places went through. Moving, yet entertaining. All clubs should try to put this show on." The Cutty Wren Folk Club

"A Scottish Folk Legend." Chop Yat Iron Forge Festival


Last updated 15-07-2012

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