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Beer for Breakfast

Beer for Breakfast


Ken, Alan, Joanne & Barrie

Style of performance:

The members of the band are all professional musicians who came together from academic, formal, semi-pro and session music backgrounds, to form one of the liveliest bands in the UK Irish music scene today.

They generate a vibrant and energetic atmosphere at live performances guaranteed to have you up on your feet dancing and singing or more usually both at the same time.


Beer for Breakfast are a four piece Irish Band, who play a fantastic and lively range of Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music as well as Celtic Rock and Country Rock & Roll.

We also specialise in Ceilidhs and have excellent Callers for all types of Ceilidh, whether you want your Ceilidh to have an Irish, Scottish or English flavour!


Beer for Breakfast has recently completed an album available on Cassette & CD: Craic o'Dawn - see website for details


Manchester / Liverpool


Ken: 07854 082147


Web Presence:


Other Information:

We can supply a demo CD and references, or you can come to see us play live!

We can also play unplugged for that special occasion and are available to play 7 days per week throughout the UK, Ireland and the Continent.


Last updated 23-06-2012

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