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Monday (weekly) from 8.15pm

We are a 'singers night' club apart from a guest every 12-18 months as a treat.

The club philosophy is "Anything Goes!"... basically come in and do what you want (within reason!) - songs of any kind, poems, monologues, readings from Shakespeare, etc.

Format of the evening is 2 songs per person in the first half and either 1 or 2 songs in the second half depending on the number of singers in.

The break gives enough time to get a pint and have a chat but we finish at 11:00pm come what may.

Club Location:

The Red Lion (from 8th April 2019)
9 Ash Brow, Newburgh WN8 7NF

After being made homeless due to the Ring o' Bells closing, we found a new home at the Old Packet House in Burscough Bridge. We've found now that we've outgrown the area of the pub we used and made the decision to move to The Red Lion at Newburgh.


Mark Dowding and others


Mark Dowding - 01257 464215


Web Presence:


Other Information:

Anybody coming for the first time gets in free but still gets a raffle ticket. We introduce them to the rest of the club so they don't sit there not knowing anybody, everyone else pays a pound and gets a raffle ticket for nowt. Raffle prize is a bottle of wine and if 16 or more are in then a box of chocolates is also on offer.

Over the year we will have a subsidised night out for Christmas (usually taking place in January), then at Easter everybody gets an Easter Egg, and in Summer we have a club barbecue. All of the costs are borne out of club funds.


Mark Dowding writes (March 2014):

We are now expecting people to arrive from 8-00pm for an 8-15pm start (and they do!).

The number of singers has increased over the last couple of months as well as the number of people coming to sit and listen. We go round with performers to around 10:15 when we will have a raffle and a break after which the early leavers can go if they wish.

After the break we will either continue with the singing, let people have a jam with each other (which tends to be a bit noisy but they enjoy it, or we have a bit of a workshop when one or two of us will give people the benefit of our experiences on various instruments - different tunings on the guitar or going round the room asking what got people interested in the music they play for example.

We still finish at 11pm but the extra half hour means we can get through more people with time to spare if we get more than the usual people who want to have a go. It seems to be working well.

Last updated 27 March 2019

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