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Club Logo, designed by Margaret Hornby

Spread Eagle, Lymm    Lymm Rugby Club    Saracen's Head, Warburton

Thursday (weekly) from 8.30pm

As far as we can, we alternate Singers Nights with Guest Nights, and occasional 'Big Spots' (a Singers Night until the break, with a 45 minute guest spot after the break) six times a year.

We encourage any live music loosely under the banner of 'folk', acoustic (no amplification, in the round) on Singers Nights , and with amplification where appropriate on Guest Nights.

Club Location:

Spread Eagle, 47 Eagle Brow, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 0AG
...and occasionally at:
Lymm Rugby Club, Crouchley Lane, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 0AT
Saracen's Head, Paddock Lane, Warburton, Cheshire WA13 9TH


Nelson Peach, Nick & Lin Tysoe, Stewart Lever, Janice Bell and Bernard Cromarty, with Bob Robinson 'on the door' and Katie King in charge of the raffle!

Lymm Folk Club 'staff'


Bernard Cromarty 01204 571167
(mobile) 07973 390936


Web Presence:


Facebook Page

Other Information:

Formerly 'The Railway Folk Club', we changed the name to 'Lymm Folk Club' when the Railway Inn closed unexpectedly during Lymm Festival, 2007. Unfortunately the Railway was destroyed by fire in November 2011, and subsequently demolished.

We don't book spots on ordinary Singers Nights, though we have paid 'Big Spots' six times a year, primarily for our regulars. You can see from this downloadable document (www.lymmfolkclub.org.uk/lymm_where.rtf - updated weekly) when the gaps are.

Our system is simple - people appear roughly in the order they arrive through the door (roughly, because I may be distracted and not notice someone come in...!), but I do tend to give newcomers who've impressed everyone a couple of songs/tunes to send us all merrily home at the end!

Soloists get one song/tune/poem each time round, duos get two on the first round, groups of three or more are limited to three on the first round. After the first round (assuming we get a second round, which isn't that often!), everyone gets one only. It tends to be a little quieter during the summer months, but don't count on it!

We're a friendly lot - everyone is made to feel welcome, no 'cliquey' attitudes or 'prickly' personalities!

On average we have more than twenty performers at a Singers Night (our record is 36 and I did get round everyone - just!)... we prefer that people are tuned up and ready, and keep the chat to a minimum if there's a lot in - though some people occasionally let the side down!! Joining in with others is okay, providing they offer the invitation, otherwise it's rude and presumptuous - but I'm sure you understand that. If you've spent weeks working out the chords, then someone else merrily joins in with different chords... we've all been there!!

A good indication of our Singers Night popularity is the fact that most people arrive before we start at 8.30 (prompt!) - so there's no reason to hold back 'to get a better audience'. I always start the night (or whoever is running the night if not me), so there's no 'graveyard slot' to worry about.

Last updated 9th July 2013

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