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Advance dates will only be published in the Folk Northwest magazine.

Urgent corrections, additions, amendments or updates to those published in the magazine
will be posted here...




We are now seeing a gradual re-opening of clubs and venues... please try to keep us informed, as we cannot display information that we don't have.

We will bring you any news as and when we have it. Information given below should be verified by contacting the clubs and venues to avoid disappointment!

Some clubs are continuing to keep in touch via Zoom, or other social media platforms. As this information changes almost daily, please keep in touch with your favourite clubs to see what is happening this week!

Details of Zoom meetings must be obtained from the organisers, we will not publish them here for web security reasons.







From Friday 1st October 2021
(1st & 3rd Fridays)
Sale Excelsior Club
2 Symons Road, Sale M33 7FJ
[approx 3 minutes walk from Sale Metrolink]




Mike writes:
We're starting up again at The Willows and are now back
at our namesake venue "The Willows" which has been completely rebuilt!

The Willows
Bryning Fern Lane, Kirkham, Preston PR4 2BP






Sixteen years and out!

Hello Friends

This is a difficult message/post to write on behalf of my husband Jim (Friends of Folk). Due to his sudden diagnosis of a brain tumour planning for gigs has gone a bit haywire.

The final Friends of Folk gig at Fox Lane was Chris and Siobhan Nelson and friends on 2 September. Refunds for cancelled Folk at Fox Lane gigs will be made as soon as practicable.

All the gigs planned at The Atkinson at Southport are still going ahead with tickets available from the box office at www.theatkinson.co.uk or call 01704 533333.

The last 16 years have been great fun, if a bit fraught at times, and we hope they have brought as much enjoyment to you as they have to Jim and me.

Best wishes to all

Jean and Jim Minall





Last updated 1 October 2021