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Tim Dowd: Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistles and Vocals
Harriet Earis: Harp
Dave Henderson: Guitar, Bouzouki, Octave Mandola, Banjo, Vocals
Peter O'Brien: Bodhrn and Vocals
Geoff Pollitt: Fiddle, Guitar, Mandola and Mandolin
Colman Connolly: Flute, Uilleann Pipes, Whistle

Style of performance:

Siansa (pronounced "she-an-sa") is Gaelic for "melody" or "musical strain", and the band can provide Traditional Music suited to all occasions, from the intimate atmosphere of a club or concert stage, to larger venues such as national folk festivals.


A tight knit band who believe in playing Traditional Irish Music, with feeling and excitement, but without losing anything in the playing. They believe the music should be enjoyed not only by those playing it, but most importantly by those listening to it.


(see website)


London area


020 8863 2543


Web Presence:


Other Information:

They also specialise in concert performances, corporate functions and other special occasions; adapting their repertoire to suit the different requirements of each venue. They especially enjoy providing dance music for ceilidhs / dances, and have earned themselves a deserved reputation for playing exciting music in a dance environment. The band can also provide experienced callers for those not so well acquainted with traditional dancing.

Be warned: you will have fun!

The members of "Siansa" are also experienced in running workshops, and giving talks on their various instruments. They  are also happy to give practical demonstrations on the techniques and ornamentation employed to play Traditional Irish Music.

Reporting on The Return to Camden Town Festival "If not the highlight of the festival, then certainly one of them was the eagerly anticipated midweek concert featuring Sean Keane and Niamh Parsons. The London Irish Centre was absolutely packed to capacity... more than one audience member mentioned that the support band Siansa was worth the ticket price alone."
Jennifer Byrne (Irish Music Magazine, Dec 2001)


Last updated 25-06-2012

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