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Sharon King

Sharon King

Style of performance:

Singer / Songwriter


Sharon King is a natural raconteur with an easy grace. Her astute observations on Scottish life are carried in contemporary song writing, delivered wrapped in laughter.

Although original and contemporary, Sharon's sets are peppered with singalong songs, banter, interweaved with tales of her travels.


24 Hours (1999)
Quiddity (2002)
Reckless Angels (2009)
Nothing = Everything (2012)




Mobile: 07792 687074 Land Line: 0131 447 1285

Web Presence:

Other Information:

The 'Edinburgh based singer /songwriter with a talent for spinning yarns...' (LIST) continues to build a reputation for vibrant, funny, relaxed and intimate live shows. She has recently recorded album number four: NOTHING = EVERYTHING to critical acclaim.

Also tours with her trio The Reckless Angels

Last updated 15-01-2013

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