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John Harper

John Harper

Style of performance:

Male vocal and acoustic guitar


Mainly contemporary British and American, some self-penned songs and occasional traditional material


Losing The Colours (2006) - available at gigs.


South Lakes / North Lancashire


07787 414209


Web Presence:


Other Information:

John Harper began playing in folk clubs in the Chester area about 40 years ago! Since then he has played in theatres, folk clubs, bars and restaurants mainly interpreting other people's music but when he feels he has something new to say he will perform his own songs.

He is known in the Lancaster area as having a powerful yet sensitive vocal style accompanied by some imaginative guitar work.

He has played support in some of the larger venues in the area to such diverse talents as Jez Lowe, Ashley Hutchings, the late Isaac Guillory and recently, Cara Dillon. Harvey Andrews asked John to join him to sing "In The Darkness" as Harvey's encore in Doncaster.

He playes regularly in the Robert Gillow pub, a Lancaster venue known for its excellent music.


Last updated 23-06-2012

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