Growling Fruitcake - Folk NorthWest Hiring Fair

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Growling Fruitcake

Growling Fruitcake


Kevin - twelve string, mandolin and growling.

Ella - six string, mandolin and growling.

Brian - bass, euphonium and the occasional growl.

Style of performance:

(see below)


Eclectic mix with emphasis on comedy songs, from Donovan and the Eagles to the new age soul searching of Lehrer and Wainwright.






Kevin 0161 339 7133
Ella 0161 881 8045
Brian 0161 330 1089

Web Presence:


Other Information:

Kevin and Ella were with the Nicaraguan Over Eighties Nudist Leapfrog Troup, before Ella moved on to Dr Filth and Kevin was with the Wernot Brothers.

Brian, meanwhile, was with The Original High Five and The Syndicate, as well as Mossley and then Tintwhistle Brass bands.

Last updated 23-06-2012

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