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John, Joy & Liv

Style of performance:

(see below)


We play music and sing songs covering all the usual folk themes, but have a large number of sea songs and tunes.


"England Expects" - John, Joy & Liv are proud to announce the release of this, their first album. It is crammed with original songs plus a few old favourites and several sets of tunes. Our aim was to produce a CD full of fun and zip and we think we've succeeded - we hope you'll agree.





Web Presence:

Other Information:

We started to sing and play folk music simply because we love it. All the booking fees we've received so far have been donated to the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association and, unless anything unforeseen arises, that's exactly where all future proceeds will go as well.

We don't have a fixed charge for our services, so why not make us an offer? Go on, you know it makes sense!!


Last updated 23-06-2012

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