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Charlotte Peters Rock Charlotte Peters Rock

Charlotte Peters Rock

Style of performance:

Dramatico-sung - inhabiting the songs to bring them to life - depending on the need - including many songs which are the carefully written history of individuals and situations.

Singing Voice and interpretation.


I have a vast catalogue of songs, many of which tell the factual history of their subjects.

That includes The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo, an hour-long performance, especially written for the 200th Anniversary of the Manchester Massacre. Performed 2019, 2020, 2021.

I study and write the past and present for the future.

The embodiment of folk music is: The People's History.


Flying Free (2001) now out of print

The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo (2019)

Lifeboat Rescues - 1 - North Wales (2020)
Lifeboat Rescues - 2 - Wales (2020)
Lifeboat Rescues - 3 - The British Isles (2020)
Lifeboat Rescues - 4 - Out From The British Isles (2021)

The Human Condition - 1 (2021)
The Human Condition - 2 (2021)

The two directly above are the planned start of a set of 6

With more songs and sets to follow.


Close to the M6 - near Knutsford, Cheshire


07401 576820


Or via my facebook site

Web Presence:


Sound Cloud



Range of reviews, under 'Description' for each CD -ETSY link above.

Other Information:

Member of Chester Folk Festival committee, and of Northwich Folk Club

Arriving out of words, rather than music, I have a strong (& historically accurate) storytelling theme running through all my sung work.. which has the aim to 'let in the light'.

A prolific songwriter with hundreds of songs, on such disparate subjects as the Great War & WW2, Russia, Air, Convoys and shipping, Peterloo, 200 years of the history of British Lifeboat Rescuers, Miners, and far more general social history.

I have sung songs about Russian Airwomen and the QP-17 Convoy disaster to Lecturers and Professors from across the Russian Federation in Conferences at Saratov University, on the Volga; about water theft in Nepal, at Mut Zur Ethic, in Austria; and about the sinking of The Royal Charter during the 150th Anniversary in Moelfre, Ynys Mon.

My written work has hit walls, as large exhibitions in North Wales, the North of England and in Saratov, Russian Federation.


I have written and performed songs over the last three decades... and poetry before that.

Last updated 05 March 2022

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