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Bernard Cromarty

Bernard Cromarty

Style of performance:

Singer / Multi-instrumentalist - A wide variety of styles, with guitar, accordion, English/Anglo concertinas, mandolin, banjo and even unaccompanied!


Wide and varied from traditional unaccompanied through to contemporary, both silly and sensible...!


My only CD (so far), "Revived? Forty Five!" is available at only £6.50 (inc P&P)

I've also performed three tracks - "Ladybird", "Coal Hole Cavalry" and "Penny for Mary" - on "Ted Edwards... and Cronies".


Farnworth, Lancs (UK)


01204 571167

Web Presence:

Other Information:

Organiser, Resident and Webmaster, Lymm Folk Club

Chief Musician, The Earl of Stamford Morris

Producer, Sounds of Folk, Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm

Webmaster, Folk Northwest


Last updated 23-06-2012

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